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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Things I Learnt about Wedding Dinners

Things I learnt about wedding dinners
1. Those who talk business are either the employees of the restaurant or are bosses of their own businesses
2. Everybody tries to look good, but the bride and groom will always look best
3. People applaude the wedding couple's entrance because it means food will be served soon. People stand up not to look for the couple, but to search for waiters
4. If the guests finish the wedding cake, it means that the restaurant's food sucks
5. Never ever sit directly beside the couple's entry path if you don't want your food covered with confetti
6. If you ever get bored, remember that we get to do mobile blogging
7. ALWAYS check the tap of the toilet before emptying your bladder or bowel - you don't want to find the toilet out of water, your hands full of waste, and expensive food out there waiting for you at the same time

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