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Monday, 15 December 2008

3D vs Pirates

It's amazing to see Malaysians fill up cinemas at a time like this to watch an animation about a dog.

1. Malaysians aren't really pet lovers. You should see how people treat their pets. One of my friends just blogged about her neighbours and their pet rabbit.
2. Most of us think we are too "grown-up" for cartoons anymore (when the fact is the direct opposite).
3. Cartoons are relatively short compared to blockbusters. 90 minutes versus 3 hours! For the same price!
4. It's Christmas, and people are asking for some wrappies from everybody else.
5. It's easy to get the ever-s0-cheap *ahem* CDs!

But then again Disney managed to attract a lot of attention to their Bolt thanks to their Disney Digital 3D. Everybody wants a piece of it like it's Angelina Jolie's thongs. Why? Simple - the experience can't be recreated at home. Yet. Unless you have Angelina Jolie at home, of course.

The point it we are still far away from recreating a 3D experience at home. Heck, general Malaysians aren't even ready to embrace HD yet.

Ah see? You don't even know what HD is, right?

So enjoy, Disney, Universal, Sony Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, etc etc. You've finally found a fool-proof way of defeating pirates. Ho, ho, pirates!

Until somebody comes up with a 3D home theatre, that is.

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