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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sights of Sheffield: More Things I Saw

I walked non-stop for two days when I was in Sheffield. Save for the occasional meal and potty breaks, and of course, bed at night.

You bet I saw lots of stuff.

I saw that Sheffield was an architecturally modern city, with modern shapes, glass and steel making up a number of high rise buildings scattered across the city.


Modern II

I saw pretty parks of various sizes, with all sorts of people walking every kind of dogs.

Shady Bridge

And gardens so pretty you could just sit there, watch the bees buzz away and breathe in the smell of the flowers for hours at a time.

The Reading Spot
Or of course, you could grab a book and read on the bench.

I saw graffiti on a great number of walls in Sheffield, scratching my head once in a while, trying to interpret them.

Sheffield -- Graffiti City

Watching over You

I saw great trees, with their generous shades, offering me shelter from the hot, sizzling sun rays in the middle of the summer.

Shades in the Summer
I don't know why -- I have a soft spot for big trees. There's also a particularly oversized tree in the University of Nottingham that I kinda miss.

I saw great fountains, streams of water splashing splendidly, droplets glittering like diamonds under the brilliant sun.

Sheffield Railway Station

I also saw this particular sign, trying to confound me.

Which Way?

Lastly, I saw the voice of a child -- metaphorically.

Hear Me Out

Great things, the things I saw in Sheffield.


  1. I love love love love love love *LOVE* ( this is fb format to emphasize my point ... =p ) love this post !!! Gosh I miss Sheffield ..... Awesome photos !

  2. thanks for the support! but the amount of photos i had to filter away to obtain this handful of presentable ones is scary...


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