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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New CBox coming soon

Due to recent visits by certain "blogwalkers", whom I highly suspected to be scripted bots, spamming links of their sites (usually URL shortened) on my CBox, I've decided to take matters into my own hands.

I've spent the past three hours coming up with my very own version of CBox -- the CBox that I have full control over, and we're not just talking about looks here. Everything including whether I should get an email whenever someone posts on the CBox (not implemented yet), whether I should allow anonymous messages, the rights to prevent users from posting empty messages, which IP addresses I allow to post, the use of asynchronous technology (to speed up response) and such.

Since the blogwalkers frequently use shortened URLs, this CBox I wrote (which I call Chirp Box) blocks two types of shortened URLs -- tinyurl and in the URL/Email field. If I need to expand my blocklist, I need only to spend a few extra seconds to add extra items into the blocklist and we're done.

So if you need to share (shortened) links with me, throw them into the message field.

Here it is. I'm not replacing it with my CBox yet -- it will be done some time later when I export all my CBox messages over to my server. In the meantime, you can start toying with it.

Blogwalkers, you have been warned.

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