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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Wish to be Taught By French-Trained Artists?

Dad loves to give me assignments. One of the recent assignments involved designing a name card for him.

Well actually that's not entirely true. He made a rough sketch of the cards on paper and my job was just redraw everything digitally. The problem is I frequently disagree with dad when it comes to designing. When I saw that he wasn't around, I took the opportunity to twist the design around to my liking.

Like father, like son, my sweet behind.

Here are the name cards, one in English and another in Chinese.

Chinese Name Card

English Name Card

Wish to be taught by French-trained artists? Contact us!


  1. hahah. i can imagine you frowning over his design.
    like the chinese design better. the english one seems off-center.

  2. yeah i noticed that... but oh well, micro-adjustments, what the hell. i also like the chinese one better, that's the one i made first =D


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