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Monday, 21 February 2011

Sights of Sheffield: Things I Saw

So we return to UK (metaphorically speaking) after what? Four months?

One of the few places I visited over the nine months I spent in England is Sheffield. Tempted by my friends' offer to visit them and the cheap coach tickets (£4 for a return ticket!), I decided to take a look around the City of Sheffield.

Sheffield was famous for manufacturing steel weapons in early 20th century. Its important role in providing weapons in World War II and proximity to Manchester City have led to a number of bombings in the 1930s and 1940s.

Tools Not Toys
Weapons (presumably manufactured locally in Sheffield) on display.

One of the first places I stopped by in Sheffield is the Sheffield Hallam University.

SHU Walkway
SHU after a drizzle.

Not too bad a campus, but I still prefer Nottingham. (No offense.)

SHU Interior
Interior of one of the main buildings of SHU. Vertical panorama of 3 horizontal shots.

Then a few of my friends toured me around Sheffield.

I wonder what's up with English cities and ferris wheels? There's one in London, another in Nottingham (albeit only temporarily), and now Sheffield.

Eye of Sheffield

I also took the time to drop by Sheffield Hallam Football Club on my second day. Not nearly as impressive as, say, Arsenal FC's Emirates Stadium.

Wall of Fame

Members of SUFC are also called the Blades, a nickname earned for the important export of weapons from Sheffield decades ago.

There's a second university in Sheffield besides SHU. Unlike SHU, the prestigious University of Sheffield is located a little further away from the city centre and doesn't look that modern.

The Slope to Uni

I passed by this door to University of Sheffield's Student Union building labelled "Fire Exit". It was ajar and there was no one in sight. Maybe there was a fire. Or maybe students there tend to ignore the "Fire Exit" sign because they have trouble reading.

Was there a fire?

Not too far away from the University of Sheffield lies Weston Park. Just like Nottingham's Wollaton Park, you can't miss the museum in Weston Park.

Weston Park Museum

But the most memorable of all places is the Botanical Gardens. Amazing place.

Sparkling Fountain

I literally spent hours doing nothing there.

Bah. How I wish I can return to UK for real.


  1. Sheffield !! Sheffield !! Sheffield !!! Gosh, this brings back memories. Oh how I miss it there !! The Botanical Gardens was really something eh ? Used to walk there all the time, super awesome !!

  2. yeah it was great! thank you for suggesting me drop by, it was definitely worth the whole afternoon

    i still have a handful of pictures on sheffield coming up soon, unfortunately that'll conclude the number of presentable photos i took when i was there


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