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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Sights of London: Emirates Stadium

There are a few very notable stadia in London. I spent a few hours of a rather sunny Saturday afternoon visiting two of them back in June.

One of them was the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC.


I approached the Stadium from the Holloway Road Tube station, which was a bit of a shame -- I discovered afterwards that the journey between the Stadium and the Arsenal Tube station is more scenic and was almost literally a stone throw's distance away from the former grounds of Arsenal's previous home base, the Arsenal Stadium.

The Silver Shield
Panorama of Emirates Stadium.

Anyway, out of the respectable number of football stadia I visited when I was in UK, the Emirates was probably the newest one, being completed in 2006. In comparison, Chelsea FC, the other of the two London-based football clubs, had nothing to boast about when it comes to shelter for their beloved blue jerseys.

Stairway to... Emirates

You'd be mad if you try to rob the Emirates. Because they're guarded by cannons.

Two Canons
The two cannons guarding the stadium. Notice that the firing point is stuffed with some sort of a cork. Maybe they use them as giant champagne bottles now.

Their gift shop is called The Armoury. Unfortunately the closest thing to firearms they had were stuffed cannons and whatnot.

The Armoury
The Armoury.

I left after snapping some rather mediocre pictures. I still have much to learn about framing.

Emirates Stadium Pano
Another panorama of the Emirates Stadium.

By the way, did you know that you could also refer to a stadium as an arena or a bowl? Yes, a bowl. The Emirates Bowl. Imagine that.

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