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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Vid: A Rainy CNY Eve

The frequent rain the few days before Chinese New Year got this song wedged to the tip of my head for hours everyday. I even got my piano rendition of it recorded, something I haven't done for quite some time now.

It's not exactly good, but I assure you it sounded much better "live".

This is actually more of a video-test of my D90. In terms of image quality, it passed (I wasn't even recording in 720p, D90's highest quality setting). But when it comes to sound quality, there's much to ask for. A sampling frequency of 11kHz is lightyears from enough.

I truly dread the day I hear my voice recorded by this camera.

Oh well. It is the first SLR to record video after all.

Hope you enjoyed the video. Happy Chinese New Year.


  1. Hehe u shud try singing as well =)


  2. Anon:

    I tried. I don't know which is worse -- the idea or my singing. lol

  3. Just tried it and post it out =)

    I'll be the judge >.-


  4. um, i think you won't be visiting my blog after that haha!


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