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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Reunion Dinner

Mum's a busy person.

She takes care of us, cooks meals at home, clean up the house, bakes cookies to earn a few extra bucks, and still manages to find time to work as an art teacher.

However, one only has so much time to spare, and here comes the compromise — she usually spends no more than 45 minutes preparing dinner, usually closer to 20.

Not that I mind eating simple dinners. While they may not smell (or look, I guess) as good as the fried fish prepared by the grandma next door, they're still healthy, and most of all, my mum made them.

Today, however, mum finally managed to spend more time preparing her dishes.

Soy Bean Fish
This may look like a mess, but the looks don't justify for its taste. The fish were first fried before cooked together with the rest of the ingredients, a double-process mum usually would not bother to pull off. Sorry for the blurry photo, was in a hurry to resume my sumptuous meal.

And boy, when she puts her time, effort and heart into culinary, I could never eat enough to satisfy my tummy.

Boy, this sure looks good, does it? Some people may point out the shininess of the dish indicate usage of seasoning (say, MSG) but I assure you my mum's against artificial seasoning — you'll even have to convince her to add more than a pinch of salt to her cooking.

I felt like I was the luckiest boy ever as I indulged on my mum's masterpieces.

Maybe I am.

Five Spice
Five Spice (Wu Xiang) made by my mum. I remember my maternal Grandmother making awesome Wu Xiang, and that's probably where my mum got her recipe from.

If only my sister were here to enjoy this meal.

Wishing everyone a blessed Chinese New Year.

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