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Monday, 31 January 2011

Guan Yin Ting: The Camera in Mum's Hands

I'm lucky I have a mum who actually understands (albeit a little dated) photography.

I actually shot this, but mum told me where to frame so I guess the credits go to her.

While many of my budding photographer friends have to hide their newly bought SLR from their parents, I am quite proud to say my first SLR was actually paid for by my mum.


I wasn't spared the fun of having to play hide-and-seek with the camera though -- mum and I hid the camera for a couple of months before dad found out about its existence.


I was expecting the worst, but since he left his camera in China accidentally (and the Panasonic compact cost more than half the price of a new Nikon D90 body) I guess he couldn't be too angry at us without blaming a bit on himself too.


So here are a few shots taken by my mum at Guan Yin Ting. I've already put some of my best ones up, and now it's her turn for the limelight.


All the photos here are out-of-the-cam -- no editing at all.

These photos look nothing like mine, right?

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