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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Guan Yin Ting, Klang

One comment: Malaysia is sure hot!

A tone-mapped non-HDR photo.

Guan Yin Ting is this Buddhist temple in Klang, recently renovated.

The Dragon and the Ball

A rather elaborate sculpture on the roof of the temple.

Honestly, I've never heard of this place until the day my mum asked me to bring that D90 for a walk.

Ornate Window

If you were to visit Klang, you wouldn't blame me -- the two rather magnificent mosques in Klang town centre overshadowed the temple.

Intense Incense

The temple is really a beautiful place, but surrounded by busy roads, a roundabout and a flyover, it wasn't as peaceful as the one in Cameron Highlands.

Feels Like Home
Another non-HDR tone-map.

Nice place to shoot, nevertheless.

Sincere Prayers
For some reason, I really like this shot. This is how temples are supposed to be like.


  1. nice pics! i like the one with the man and his joss sticks

  2. minli: thanks! that's not too bad a picture. he stood there with the joss sticks and i just went crazy. kept shooting non-stop. it's actually the only picture here that's "out-of-the-camera" -- no editing at all.


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