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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Things I Can't Go Out Without

These are the things I constantly keep with me, whenever and wherever I go. Excluding the clothes I wear, of course.

1. Watch

I've been wearing this Casio watch since I was 9. Yeah, it's 10 years old. It has seen all my victories and witnessed all the most embarassing moments of my life. Need to know me better? Kidnap my watch. Good luck trying to force him to talk.

2. Glasses

The ultimate thing which makes anybody geeky. The thicker it is, the geekier it makes you. Thickening the lenses and the frame both help. This is one thing I would like to lose for the rest of my life. Unfortunately my eyesight is so poor that I wouldn't be able to tell the differences between Lydia Sum and Fann Wong without my specs.

3. Wallet

Some other species prefer to call theirs "purses", but for me, I call it a wallet. Mine contains the usual cash, proximity card, and a strong aroma of my sweat.

4. Keys

Jingle bells, jingle bells... All you have to do is shake your hips to let others think you're loaded. Well, you are, but not with the stuff they think you are loaded with.

5. Phone

Forget where your lecture is supposed to be at? Stuck in the train with nothing to do? Need help with your sums? Have no ph34r, the tech age is here!

6. MP3 player

Nope, it's not an iPod. Nope, it doesn't play video. Nope, it doesn't sport Bluetooth. Nope, the battery sucks. Still, I carry it around whenever I see boredom approaching. Need to trick your lecturers into thinking you're paying full attention to him/her instead of nodding away? This thing helps. A lot. As long as the battery lasts. Dang it, shouldn't have said that.

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