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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Looking Back

I'll be getting my Diploma soon enough. For many, it may be the final stop of their journeys of education. For others, there are still stations beyond college.

How far are you away from the end of your journey?

I just can't believe how fast time flew by. I still remember being in kindergarten, chasing my friends in the yard, tripping every so often. I also remember my first day in primary school, surrounded by crying classmates. It was a good thing I've cried more than enough during my first few days in kindergarten.

And poof! Here I am, getting my diploma.

I also remember how I was forced to wear my school uniform for a whole day, for I had no chance of going home after school. It also isn't hard to recall the embarrassment I bore when I got caned in front of the class.

And poof! Here I am, turning 19 soon.

I don't actually have to shovel my brain to remember how I reacted when I couldn't find a certain letter on the keyboard. "Mum! This keyboard doesn't have the letter M on it!!!" I yelled, while mum stared on, half amused, half exasperated.

And yet, here I am, after one whole decade of using the computer, being able to type using a keyboard with faded labels in total darkness.

And oh, you should ask my sister how terrible I was at eating. A picture of me staring disbelievingly at my family as they savour the taste of durians still pops up in my mind every now and then.

But now, here I am - I'll be able to recognise the trail of durian lightyears away and guide myself to the ultimate delicacy.

Flipping through my old stuff, I came across an exercise book I used when I was much younger. Boy, I couldn't even write my name correctly!

And now, here I am, knowing perfectly that my name is Weo Yenqi. I'll show you my identity card if you don't believe me.

Mum gave me and my elder younger sister strict education since we were barely nuts. When we were peanuts we could memorise the 9x9 multiplication table. When we were hazelnuts we could recite whole classical Tang poems. When we were groundnuts we could play the piano like there was no tomorrow.

And now that we're cashewnuts, I'm afraid I don't know the multiplication table anymore. Modern children rely too much on their calculators.

Looking back into the past 19 years, I've left so much behind. I've learnt so much. I've grown so significantly. The past is getting kind of blurred. I can't really recall the tastes of being peanuts, hazelnuts, and groundnuts anymore.

Instead, the future is getting clearer and clearer. Three more years - just three more years, I'll disembark the train and join the society.

How will tomorrow taste like?


  1. wah. so emo. and what about doughnuts.

  2. doughnuts? um, i find malaysian doughtnuts better than americans'. i recently tried Big Apple's at Low Yat. I thought of packing you a couple last week but obviously doughtnuts don't stay good after two nights.

    well, almond doughtnuts ARE nice =D


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