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Saturday, 14 June 2008

"Happy Father's Day" x 40

Petrol has reached a record high of RM2.70 per litre. People driving SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) are now changing them to NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles). Those driving motorcycles are converting to bicycles.

Let's make it simple.

Those single drive this.

Husband and wife? This.

Family of four, this.

For the Father, this.

Which Father? This Father! What is he going to load his bus with? With the 40 children and 4 wives he's planning to have, of course!

What the... ?! Hey, sir, you are already 54! How can you possibly afford to feed and breed 40 children?

I can't believe it. What have your children and your wives done to offend you? Have you noticed that your third and fourth wives are as young as your eldest child?

Seriously. I wonder how much money is Mr Abu Bakar earning each month. RM22500? If it's anything lower than that, I'm going to envy his children's life. And I sincerely doubt anybody smart enough to have 40 children can earn that much LEGALLY.

Well, I don't think the wives are going to work for the extra allowances. They will be too busy laying eggs, squeezing milk, wiping poop, and making the house a kindergarten.

You have 15 more to go, sir. Better make it quick, otherwise, you'll be too old to remember all 40 children's names by the time you have collected them all. My 50 year-old-mother is starting to confuse between hers, and there's only the three of us.


OK, OK. Calm down. He's not your father.

Sigh. Relax, relax...

Pardon me for being slightly offensive just now, sir. I've come to a realisation. And I fully understand the reasons behind your desire. Pray forgive me, sir.

Wild beasts without quality have to survive by sheer quantity, so that out of the many offsprings, at least one or two will survive to adulthood.

Happy father's day, Mr Abu Bakar. x 40.

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