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Friday, 27 June 2008

So You Think You Know Me?

Well, I have to admit - I'm neither Beckham nor Pitt, and no one would brag about having me as their friend.

However, are you sure you know me well enough? Try the below questions, if you dare!

Let's start with some easy and obvious ones. To those who find it hard to answer these questions, try looking somewhere around this blog.

1. What web browser do I use?
2. How old is my Casio G-Shock watch?
3. What MMORPG do I play?
4. Have I have/had pets? What sort of pets do/did I have/had?

Cruising through, huh? Let's go on to some more challenging ones.

5. I am no newbie when it comes to art. What sort of arts do I know?
6. You saw me walking out of Sunway Pyramid, clutching a bun in my hand. From the many bakeries in Sunway Pyramid, where do you think I got my bun from? (Tips: it is probably a mayonnaise filled bun with chicken floss on top.)
7. What is my favourite colour? (Tips: don't let my blog mislead you!)

Panting yet? Hang on, just a few more.

8. What sort of beverage do I like, but which I normally avoid?
9. How often do I take-away food? (Me and only me, excluding the times when mum bought food for me.)
10. I wished for two things during my 19th birthday. What are they?

So, how well do you know me? If you think you know me well enough, pick up your courage and post your answers in the comments area!

Or are you chickening out?


  1. 1. mozzila
    2. 10 somethin years?
    3. this is so god easy -.- maplestory!
    4. is meow meow considered a pet? or once-upon-a-time-neopet?
    5. chinese calligraphy
    6. dont know. breadtalk?
    7. dont know either.
    8. dont know. you avoid coffee.
    9. never.
    10.dont know. 19th bday over anyway.


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