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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Teachers and Students

Most of the people at my age has been students for well over a decade now. Many of us can still remember the events that happened when we were young and, erm, "innocent", causing extra troubles to parents and teachers.

That's why I was a bit surprised when three of my friends decided to hoot and take up jobs as temporary teachers after their STPM. They signed up in Chung Hua Girls' Primary School and started teaching early this month.

I couldn't help but wonder how they look like when they teach. I mean, the boy of the three is known to give lots of troubles to the teachers back there in his primary school years. One of the girls is surely a disciplined student, but I can't imagine the students bullying her. Only one seemed to have the guts to handle primary school students.

Anyway, I met one of them the Friday of their first week.

"I have been appointed the class teacher! It looks like they really lack full time teachers. I have to collect funds, appoint the class monitor, and everything!"

We laughed at the idea. We were also shocked to learn that one of the three actually started giving homework and spelling within the very same week.

I met with the boy last Saturday, and we talked a bit about teaching again.

"The students find it funny with my surname. Stone Teacher! Stone Teacher! Ah hahaha! I don't quite see what they were laughing at."

It seemed like my other friend was having more trouble.

"She scolded three students and punished them to stand outside the classroom. Even outside the classroom, they were troublesome - making noise and fooling around. She was so annoyed! And then the discipline teacher went by, told a single sentence to the children, and immediately, one broke down and cried, while the other two immediately apologised.

"Know what the discipline teacher said?"

I had no idea which single sentence could be so powerful.

"If you're naughty, you will have no recess."

I seriously don't think I can find the fun in teaching. Do you?


  1. lol.. qi wen ah? who else is teaching??

  2. lol, it was kind of obvious. not many people have that surname. imagine if it were us - fish teacher! fish teacher! ah hahahaha!

    anyway, the two ladies are suet yee 雪儿 and poh lee 宝丽, 宝雁's eldest sister.


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