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Monday, 7 January 2008

January Kids

In my humble opinion, January is not the time to give birth to kids. Afterall, the holiday has just ended and it may or may not be a good idea to take a one month leave.

Then you have the kids' birthdays dropping on inconvenient dates. The kid arrives to school, with nobody knowing that it is his/her birthday. Then there's the Christmas shopping, which certainly drained the parents of all money. What with the upcoming Chinese New Year and loads of red packets to give out, I doubt the parents would want to spend much on the birthdays.

What's more, a January-born kid is usualy regarded just as old as a December-born kid in the same year. The 11-months' expenses go to waste.

It's a good thing most parents do not think this way.

Unfortunately, I happen to know two of such friends. Dwayne, my course's representative, has his birthday on the 6th of January, while um, what's his name? We just call him 1-Gig, well, his birthday's today. Both of them are 20 now.

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