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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

First Blackout of the Year

Spending a day at home may be a bit short, but due to the absence of one of my sisters, i didn't have much to do. What i did was mainly surfing (the web, of course) chatting online, and reading up reviews on cell phones. I did the latter because ever since the discovery of the fun of MMS, i've deeply regretted buying a smartphone without even the most basic camera. Ah well, it is unlikely for me to get a new phone this year (and probably next, too) due to tight budget, so let's toss them aside and get along with our topic today.

I took the train back to school after having breakfast with my family. The KTM crowd of the years' border had died down and even KL Sentral wasn't that busy.

I reached my hostel 30 minutes before noon. Someone was playing music with his handphone, judging by the quality of the sound. Upon reaching my floor, i noticed something not unusual, but certainly unpleasant.

The backup light was on.

I turned my focus to the toilet. The lights of the toilets are ALWAYS on. Sunlight is actually more than sufficient, and i used to switch the lights off before evening. But the other residents thought otherwise. The lights would always be on within minutes again.

But they're off today.

Looks like there's a power failure again. Having power disruptions is something TARC is famous for. It's common to witness them once or twice per semester.

I still remember that the hostel experienced a blackout the night before the history exam. The few of my friends crowded beneath the backup lamp, holding their books to their noses. Just like the way puppies behave during meal times.

I really pity those who had to sit for their exams in the dark. It may or may not be easier for them to cheat this way.

Before too long, the lamp got drained of its battery. Having finished the food (though obviously still hungry) the puppies went to bed without much choices.

There is always one thing you can do in this occasion - blogging. Provided that your cell phone has not run dry off battery yet. Anyway, the power came back sometime after 2pm, and life resumed.

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