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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Baby Blues

I was stuck outside with nothing other than my clothes, wallet, keys, and phone when the weather decided to wash us with a heavy rain. While waiting for the rain to stop, i bought two pieces of bun, and went to the Star bookstore to accompany my roommate while he read comic.

As i don't read comics, i picked out my phone and started to think of what to write for my blog. Not long upon starting, the shopkeeper's daughter, about 3 years old, came to see what i was doing.

She pressed a few keys upon curiousity. I erased her typings everytime she tapped on the keypad. She soon got addicted and pressed more wildly. Realising danger, i quicky locked my keypad.

But she got even braver. She was literary trying to snatch the phone away from me. My roommate and i watched in amusement. I then gave the phone to her, assuring myself that she couldn't be that destructive.

Upon getting hold of the phone, she pressed the key and directional pad wildly, but as the keys were locked, the phone didn't budge. She soon lost interest in playing with it.

The both of us tried to ask her to handover my phone, but she refused. My roommate offered to exchange my buns for the phone, but she didn't seem tempted. We sat there laughing at our own futile attempts and her cheeky responses.

In the end, the girl returned the phone when she spotted her mother in close proximity. I quicky snatched it up and distanced myself from her.

I heard her when i was few metres away.

"mian4 bao1 leh?" (where are the buns?)

I immediately fell to uncontrollable fits of laughter. The two of us left the bookstore even though the rain hadn't stopped yet.

On the staircase, we heard her again. "Kor kor leh?" (Where are the big brothers?)

We left as hastily and as quietly as we could upon hearing this.

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