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Saturday, 19 January 2008


Yes. That's the vulgar of the new year. Sounds delicious, huh? Hoot hoot!

Still, rodents are considered, dirty, stupid, ugly, and unlucky for most of the people. I shamelessly classified rats as one of the dirtiest animals I could think of.

Until my parents bought three rats as pets.

Yes, imagine that. Three, dirty, stupid, ugly, and unlucky rats as pets. That increases our pet count to, er, let's see.

Tortoises (the longest living pet - they're still alive)
Hamsters (birthday gift for my sister, not from me though)
Chickens (Slain and eaten)
Dog (for three days, "rental")
Goat (this is rental for real)
Ducks (Slain and eaten)

Do i miss out any? Well, that means that the rats are our 12th set of pets, assuming that I didn't miss out any. Actually, my parents bought the rats not to keep them, but for their students' observation purposes. They are art teachers, see, and 2008's the year of the rat.

Anyway, here are the photos of the rats. Say "Cheese"!

Oops, they're terrified of me. Oh well, which prey isn't afraid of its predator?

Yeah, right. They're just shy.

You can't outrun me.

Oh, I'm thirsty after the marathon.

Rats, how hungry the run made me!

Watch Me Run!

Oh hoho, the hamster wheel may be suitable to the two roborovski hamsters, but these rats are simply too long for it.

Oh, and yes, that low voice near the end of the video is mine. Doesn't sound like a hearty hoot, huh?

Pardon me for focusing on the black one - it seems like the others don't like their photos taken. The black one, meanwhile, gladly positions itself to several sexy poses upon seeing the camera.

Have a happy WildRats new year!

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  1. omg. the cage has a pink lid... and why on earth THREE RATS! the space is TOO SMALL!! still.. keep them alive until march.. why leh? duh~


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