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Monday, 14 June 2010

Sights of Nottingham: Spring at Wollaton Park II

Note: High resolution images of some of the following photos are available. These photos are marked with [HiRes] tags in their captions. Click on the photos to view their higher resolution images.

Not long ago, I published some pictures of Wollaton Park right here at my blog. All the pictures shown were actually caught some time ago, back in early April to be precise. I woke up at about noon and joined my friends for a stroll after a quick brunch. Some time later, having empty stomach, full bladder and lagging terribly behind my party, I lost the mood to catch photos. The best were already published in the said blogpost.

[HiRes] A really peaceful and dreamy view of the Park.

So one of the first things I did after my third year exams was to visit Wollaton Park again. This time around, I was more prepared. With my camera fully charged up, a bottle of drinking water (tap water, actually) in my pocket, friends busy preparing for their exams (I finished mine early), I found myself visiting Wollaton Park not just one, but two more times, 6 hours apiece.

The result? Hundreds of photos in 12 hours. Of course, only about 20 of them were actually satisfactory, half of which I'm putting up here today.

Red and Green
[HiRes] An English telephone booth in the Park. Red on Green. Contrasty, huh?

The two trips being nearly 2 months apart, some differences here and there were definitely noticeable. Different species of flowers blossomed. The bees were no longer that busy. The trees started showing off their fresh green leaves.

Country Path Country Path II
[HiRes] The same pathway during my first visit back in April (left) and in late May (right).

There are several key attractions at Wollaton Park. The central of all attraction, Wollaton Hall, Nottingham's museum of natural history, is located at the centre of the Park.

Wollaton Hall
[HiRes]A panorama of Wollaton Hall.

More pictures of Wollaton Hall, both from the outside and inside to come soon.

A flower garden is situated just behind the Hall. There's a greenhouse there too, but it was closed during all my visits. Kind of makes me wonder if it's ever opened to the public at all.

The photos of the flowers shown in the previous Wollaton Park blogpost were captured here.

A caterpillar-shaped hedge at the garden.

There's also a lake at Wollaton Park. Just like the University of Nottingham University Park Campus lake, this lake is a popular jogging spot. But to be honest, anywhere in the park is a good jogging spot.

Wollaton Park Lake
[HiRes] Vertical panorama of the lake, with Wollaton Hall shown far into the distance.

And then there are the deers. In the Park, deers and humans share the same space. The Park being located adjacent to a golf club, golfers swing their clubs literally metres away from herds of deers. Visitors must take care to keep gates closed to prevent deers from strolling out of their enclosures.

Deer Gate
Reminder to keep the gate closed.

Men and Animals
[HiRes] Panorama showing deers on the left and a few golfers to the right.

Overall, Wollaton Park is a real good place to escape from the rush of city life and relax your bones and brains (assuming you have both, a luxury not everybody has).

If only there's one such park within walking distance from my place in Klang.

Celebrate the Day
[HiRes] A panorama of sunset at Wollaton Park. I could've waited longer for the sky to turn redder, but it was cold and I had a bladder slowly reaching the dangerous threshold.

[HiRes] But I caught this! This 3-picture panorama turned out real good. "Why sit when you can soar?" To Jo and SL.


  1. i love the last piece of work bro :) did you just use the panorama feature in ur digi cam?

  2. JP:

    thanks for ur support =D. it's been some time since you last post your own photos!

    there's a pano feature on my cam, but it doesn't stitch. what it does is it fixes the white balance and exposure settings, and display part of the previous image as a transparent overlay so the user knows where to frame the second image. i have to use hugin to stitch the panos on my computer after that.

  3. haha, i'm in the middle of exam recently, but I will definitely get some new photos up as I'll be travelling around after my exam. Stay tuned :)

  4. i have to agree, the last pic is awesome! well done, well done :D

  5. Clarence: ty! it took me quite a few tries to get it right, glad it worked out =D

  6. Haha, we should really feel honoured to be getting the last pic. In print ! When you get famous that's gonna be invaluable :p Thanks much and keep shootin'

  7. Joanna: lol it's nothing, just a token of appreciation to a couple of friends who share my passion for photography. sure i'll keep shooting, but i don't think i'll get famous any time in the future lol


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