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Monday, 31 May 2010

Sights of Nottingham: Spring at Wollaton Park

Note: High resolution images of all of the following photos are available. Click on the photos to view their higher resolution images.

[HiRes] Caught in University Park. These yellow flowers were among the first plants to blossom after the frosty winter. Note that the tree was still bare.

We don't get a lot of public holidays in UK, unlike Malaysia, where calendars are sprinkled with colourful boxes here and there. Instead, we get two month-long holidays -- Christmas and Easter Breaks. And of course the penultimate 3-month Summer.

Red Flowers
[HiRes] Along the way to Wollaton Park.

Unlike Christmas, Easter had nice weather and many of my friends went travelling overseas, or at least out of Nottingham. While I didn't, I took the opportunity to visit Wollaton Park.

The pictures I have here aren't great, so I'll save talking about Wollaton Park until I publish better ones.

Spring Blossoms
[HiRes] Flowers, captured in one of the gardens in Wollaton Park.

Country Path
[HiRes] Country road. The sight of things like this sure makes anyone feel closer to nature.

Gate II
[HiRes] Gate to Wollaton Park Golf Course.

Gate I
[HiRes] And another.

Into the Distance
[HiRes] Foursome sitting on a bench in front of Wollaton Hall. My favourite pic of this batch.

More on Wollaton Park to come. I have real awesome pics, I promise.


  1. Gosh, senior, now you make me hate you because of your photography skills!

  2. lol nah these are just ok. i hope you'll hate me more when i pull out the panos haha

    anyway you have a good camera, just go around, shoot more with it, and you can easily surpass me.


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