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Friday, 8 July 2011

Sights of Ipoh: Pee

P. The 16th alphabet. This letter is awesome. It stands for Power. And the all-yummy Pizza. Not to forget Pasta. There's P for Pass. Even better, P for Perfect. P for play. P for Pentium 4 (OK maybe this isn't so good) and P for er, prawn.

But there's also P for Piss. And of course Pee.

Found this in Ipoh, at an outdoor restaurant not far away from Kek Lok Cave.

But don't underestimate the power of passing water. Trying to wet that disgusting frog at the backyard, the so-cliché hand-in-warm-water prank. The guys enjoyed reading advertisements strategically placed above urinals in public toilets, and apparently the girls had fun engaging in cross-cubicle chats.

How many times have we used the ultimate I-really-have-to-go excuse without arousing any suspicion at all?

We owe that much childhood fun and laughter to it. So much that the word 'piss' became an integral part of the spoken English.

OK I really have a lot more to share about this but I really have to pee. Till next time then.

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