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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Customising Wikipedia -- Truly the Encyclopedia Anyone Can Edit

I have always loved Wikipedia. Having the world's knowledge in your hands is rarely a disadvantage. I always say this -- if I have access to Wikipedia in Who Wants to be A Millionaire I could probably go all the way easily.

Browsing is so addictive that I would frequently spend hours Wiki-hopping. However, reading large chunks of text for long periods of time on a computer screen is very tiring. If only Wikipedia is in black, I thought.

But few days ago I realised something -- that could easily be true.

In Wikipedia's preference menu (you need an account for this) you get to choose which skin to render Wikipedia in. I kept mine at the default (called 'Vector') because IMO the others just looked horrendous.

However, beside each skin, there are two buttons, one of which is labelled "custom CSS".

Well, well, well. This is where the fun begins.

To save you the trouble of having to read through all the CSS terms and my painful and repetitive testing phases, we'll just skip straight to the results I get two days after I started.

Tada! Wikipedia in Black. I even removed the (in my opinion) rather redundant sidebar to save more space in case I want to go Wiki-hopping on my phone instead.

Cool, eh!

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