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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sights of Nottingham: Autumn

Note: High resolution images of all of the following photos are available. Click on the photos to view their higher resolution images.

Autumn. That's when everything turns orange. The evening of the annual cycle.

Autumn, the Evening of the Year
An autumn evening. On the way back from Sutton Bonington Campus. More on the campus next time.

When autumn arrives, things change. You'll want to keep your head up, for leaves have never been more golden.

Never has trees been so interesting before. By the University Park Lake.

And you'll want to keep your eyes low. for surprises await you every step you take.

Colourful Floors II
Kinda reminds me of potpourri. Sutton Bonington Campus.

Some fruits just beside the University Park Chemistry Building. Coates and Pope Buildings seen behind.

Out of Place
Along the way to Nottingham City. Something's kinda out of place here...

Sometimes I get the temptation to lie upon the big pile of prickly yellow leaves and let off a blissful "wheeeee!!!"

Colourful Floors I
Sutton Bonington Campus.

This is also when the so animé-ish leaves whoosh past your face when even the gentlest of the breezes blow.

I can't really remember where I shot this. Probably some place in University Park Campus.

And trust me, it's not as cool as it seems on animès.

Golden Leaf
Now this is what I call a Golden Leaf. Shot in Sutton Bonington Campus.

More to come: Sutton Boning Campus, autumn.

PS: The SLR I loaned came with a lens that produced super ugly bokeh... Sorry about that.


  1. ohmigosh !! I love love love the picture of the red berries or whatever they are strewn everywhere. SO pretty. And I love all your autumn shots. My fav from your series featuring Nott so far !!!

  2. Joanna:

    thanks a lot for your support! i really need to know that there are people out there who like my photos, i haven't got a lot of support from my mum =(.

    the day i published these photos, i also edited a one which i love above these, caught from sutton bonington. putting it up soon, hope you'll like it.


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