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Friday, 14 August 2009

LOL!!! WTH R U Babbling Abt?

So you've been online for years now. You've explored many parts of the world wide web. You know how to tell the difference between URL and email address. You know what to do when someone tells you "my blog is at". You know where to view videos. And you laugh at people who still uses Internet Explorer.

All these years of experience have been reflected on your uncanny ability to read internet abbreviations. Strange letters like LOL, WTH, BB, BRB, GTG, WB, AFK, Sry and NP now make perfect sense to you.

Or do they? Let's see if these do.

1. UG2BK
3. NMP
4. PIR (you have to know this, extremely useful for teenagers)
5. PAW
6. 99
9. BI5
10. DEGT
11. BIL
12. PCM
13. IMS (kinda useless, IMO. Don't tell me you don't know what IMO is.)
14. TOY
16. CID
17. FWIW
18. HAND
19. IAT
20. NRN
21. 4COL
22. WRUD
23. LMIRL (girls, beware of this combination of 5 letters! Unless of course you're chatting to me =P)
24. ^5

Answers (highlight to see)
1. UG2BK - you've got to be kidding
2. GBTW - get back to work
3. NMP - not my problem
4. PIR - parent in room (see? I toldja it'll be useful)
5. PAW - parents are watching (note the ARE, is there a PIW?)
6. 99 - parents no longer watching (I don't get this at all)
7. GFTD - gone for the day
8. FYEO - for your eyes only, so keep your mouth shut
9. BI5 - back in five (minutes)
10. DEGT - don't even go there
11. BIL - boss is listening (or looking?)
12. PCM - pulse code modulation please call me, good for SMS
13. IMS - I am sorry
14. TOY - thinking of you (not useful for me... yet)
15. KUTGW - keep up the good work!
16. CID - consider it done
17. FWIW - for what it's worth
18. HAND - have a nice day (nice abbreviation!)
19. IAT - I am tired (this is so lame)
20. NRN - no response necessary, opposite of RSVP
21. 4COL - for crying out loud!!!
22. WRUD - what are you doing?
23. LMIRL - let's meet in real life
24. ^5 - High Five

No I did NOT created them! Don't believe me, click on the link below.

Adapted from
Stephanie Raposo, 6 August 2009.
Quick! Tell Us What KUTGW Means. Retrieved 7 August 2009, 1006 from


  1. Ahaha ... UG2BK but this is awesome!

    FWIW, KUTGW !! Although....shouldn't you GBTW? Two more weeks .... the countdown begins...

    HAND =P

  2. i didn noe u read wall street journal =o

  3. actually, i don't. i just happened to come across this article i found amusing. haha


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