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Monday, 31 August 2009

52 Years Ago

There was no LRT.

52 years ago, the Malayans rode noisy, uncomfortable, polluting steam trains.

And there was no iPhone.

52 years ago, people relied on snail mail for communications.

Then there was no Penang Bridge, which was opened in 1985.

52 years ago, ferries were used to travel between Penang Island and Seberang Prai.

The word “Streamyx” hadn’t been coined yet, not to mention the phrase “Streamyx sux”, frequently uttered by MMORPG players.

52 years ago, people played Congkak, Gasing (spinning top) and Layang-layang (kite).

Within these 52 years, our country grew.

We got not just one, but two national automobile companies.

We went to space and came back the Malaysian way.

We get access to multiple free-to-air television channels, and even have digital TV Astro.

KFC came to Malaysia. Then McD. Then Pizza Hut. And we get our own fast food chain – Marrybrown’s.

We get F1 circuit. Hosted SEA games. Commonwealth games.

We get access to mobile phones. 3G. WiMAX. Then there’s CSL, the made-in-Malaysia cell phone company.

The number of Malaysians tripled. And is still growing.

Needless to say, Malaysia has come a long way. We still have a lot to do, but we certainly do have achievements to be proud of.

And for the things we did, we did them our way. That's what made us unique. The ONE Malaysia.

May the coming year be a great one for Malaysia.


  1. 52 years ago,

    Malaysia is still as polluted as it is.

    Malaysia is still as corrupted as it is, ok maybe even worse.

    Malaysia is still using the old fashion KTM.

    and lastly,

    Malaysian chinese is still as rock solid as ever haha!

  2. aiyo so straightforward. must learn to be subtle =D. like what i said, we went to space "our own way". haha.

  3. engineers - straight to the point.

    lawyers - beat around the bushes.

    Which one are u?


  4. would you dare to criticize a country that openly at your blog?

  5. oh ya sorry, i think Malaysia is trying to ban people from internet right?

    Or rather trying to punish those who criticize them on internet?

    Sorry hasn't been updating myself haha.


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