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Saturday, 22 August 2009

How Long Does It Take To Make A Friend?

It's not easy to find good friends.

When I say good friends, I don't mean classmates. Nor colleagues. Not lab partners, either.

No. When I say good friends, I mean friends who call you when they're in trouble. Friends who complain about that stupid teacher you had with you. Friends with whom you get stick in the crowded KTM train with. The kind of friends who make any sort of boring activities interesting. Those with whom you couldn't help but talk non-stop and end up getting sore throat for the next two days.

And yes, they don't come by that easily.

I spent five whole years in primary school. At first I thought I did well - I had people to play with every recess, and I was even invited to birthday parties. But then I skipped one year ahead of my peers, and boom! I had to start from scratch.

I found someone to whom I chat with non-stop for 6 hours straight at school when I went to secondary school. So imagine the disappointment when I couldn't find his name in my class's name list one day.

I then finally joined a clique, which made my final years in secondary school my most enjoyable ones yet. But SPM came and went, and before too long, the five of us were shredded all over the world.

Two years in college - it was in the second year that someone finally saw me as his best buddy. A little too late, to be honest, for we were no longer coursemates few months later.

Now in university, things are going to be harder. I'm spending my first university year as a freshman in a Malaysian private university. Then I'm going to UK for my second year. Before I can probably adjust myself to a whole new country, I'll be back home for my third year.

Things are gonna be interesting. I'm not sure how many mates I'll meet for these three years. I will be enjoying myself, though - friends are still friends, however far apart.


  1. nice post.

    Friends forever =)

  2. nice? well i thought it was a little under developed.

    friends forever, anyhow =D

  3. Just look forward to what the future holds. We're young yet and I'm sure you'll meet lots of really interesting people as you go on in life.

    Friends are a subject where quality, not quantity matters so kudos to you on finding good friends in the past. They'll really leave footprints and pleasant memories in their wake. No regrets =D Best of luck in UK

  4. Joanna:

    for you to read through it and post some advice...

    thanks, for being a friend. =)

  5. yup, a little too late...

    nice post! ^.^

  6. so who's your best buddy ar?

  7. ks:

    =.=". i think i'd better keep that private. whether it's you or not, it doesn't matter. you're one of the best friends i had back there in ktar. if you think we weren't close enough back then, perhaps you'd understand that i was a very lonely guy there.

  8. you noe what? my favourite/best mates are those i knew in primary school, and those i met in games... =D

  9. MAKI:

    oo, that includes me haha! i'm honoured =D

    well that makes sense, because games and primary school, that's where we have fun.

    dying together just tighten bonds. and we died together how many times? =P

  10. wow.. guess i'm in tht 5 ppl 'clique' in ur secondary school..
    at this time of our age v'll all b separated coz of studies.. but v stil hav plenty of time 2 catch up in d future.. dun worry too much bro

  11. TTW:

    yeah i guess you are haha. maybe some time we can have an outing in india? =P

  12. You know where to find me. I know how to get you.

    Only a bridge and some hundred km separate us.



  13. dunch noe:

    simple way of putting it haha. well soon it'll be more than "a bridge and some hundred km" haha

  14. haha, just a simple question nia, no need to get so defensive LOL..

    curiosity kills haha

  15. Will miss your tongue-in-cheek replies when we are two bridges and some thousand km apart.

    Keep in touch. I will visit very oftenly to your blog I promise.


  16. ks:

    haha nah that wasn't my being defensive. i think you misunderstood my last sentence or something. all i said is that i appreciate your presence in KTAR, and my 2 years there will be quite different without you

    Dunch Noe:

    oo good. regular visitors force me to update my blog more frequently haha. that reminds me, i have to write something tonight.


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