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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

West vs East

Singapore and Malaysia are two similar, yet different countries in South East Asia. Situated right next to one another, it's amazing how these two countries used to be one.

The USA and Mexico are neighbouring countries in the American continent. Both are giant countries compared to the dwarf Malaysia and the minuscule Singapore.

Malaysia and Singapore are divided by the Tebrau Straits, also known as the Straits of Johore. Most of the 93km Malaysia-Singapore border line ran through the Straits, cutting across 2 (in the near future, 3) land-links between the two countries - the Johor-Singapore Causeway and the Johor-Singapore or Tuas Second Link.

The USA-Mexico border, in comparison, stretches a long 3141km. Boy, they really need to slim those waists.

Malaysia and Singapore share the very same time zone (UTC+8). Being on the UTC+8 zone means they also get in sync with one of the world's biggest market, China.

Mexico on the other hand, has 3 time zones. The USA has 7 during the summer.

In the West, people from the South (Mexico) travel North (USA) to get better paid jobs.

In the East, people from the North (Malaysia) travel South (Singapore) because they hate chewing gums.

In the West, convicts flee Southwards illegally.

In the East, terrorist leaders flee Northwards illegally.

In the West, people from the North travel South to watch bullfights.

In the East, people from the South travel North to watch politicians catfight.

The world is a colourful place, innit?


  1. Really interesting way of piecing together the four directions East West South and North into a comparison post...

  2. yeah haha. it wasn't really intentional, the four directions just came out of my mouth. or rather, fingers. and my eyes thought they were good, so they told my brain to keep them.

    dang. i'm so disoriented.


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