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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

RapidShare: Download Is A Game

This is gonna be one of the most spontaneous posts I've ever written this year.

RapidShare is one of the better free services you can get online. You have any files you need to share, but too big to fit into a regular email? No problem. Just head over to, upload your file into the RapidShare server, copy the URL to your file, and email to your desired recipients. URLs are hard-to-guess, preventing total strangers from downloading your file.

The truth is, RapidShare is like a city of gold. Tonnes and tonnes of gems and jewels are buried deep within, from photos to documents to pirated films and music, if you can find the URL, you can get it.

However, there's a twist, which some people, like me, see it as "rules to the downloading game".

If you are not willing to pay for a RapidShare account, your downloading capabilities will be severely limited.

Firstly, you can only download one file at any time. RapidShare file servers assume that every computer has its own unique IP address, and download requests from a repeated IP address will be banned.

Secondly, download speed may be pathetic, depending on RapidShare traffic.

Thirdly, if your download is interrupted before you can finish it, there it is - you have to download all over again.

Fourthly, there is a quota to your download. Free users are allowed to download a single file if it exceeds the quota, but they will have to wait 15 minutes before they can download a second file.

Seeing the fact that I spend an average of 5 days in school per week, I naturally have to access RapidShare using my school connection. The sad thing is, all the hundreds of computers (including personal laptops connected by WiFi) in my uni share the same internet connection.

The consequence - RapidShare sees the, say, 400 computers of UNMC as a single computer. Which means that only 1 out of 400 computer users of UNMC can download from RapidShare at any time.

Terrible, isn't it? Seeing that I know nuts about proxies, I naturally had to play the Download Game.

How to Play the Download Game
1. Login with a computer in UNMC.
2. Search for the URL of a reasonably large RapidShare file and access its RapidShare page.
3. Click "Free User".
4. If you are told that your IP address is already downloading a file, or if you are told that you have reached the download limit, you lose the round.
5. If you are presented with a countdown timer, wait until it reaches 0, and click "Download".
6. If your download starts, you win the round. If you are told that your IP address is already downloading a file, you lose the round.

The climax of the Download Game.

The winning screen.

Yes!!! If you win a round, you're incredibly happy. If you lose again and again, you're frustrated.

That's the definition of a game.

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