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Thursday, 30 July 2009

My Name Is Wenqi

You know that kinda guy who blogs about nothing but nonsense and wonders why so few people likes his writing? The kinda guy who has a pair of earphones stuck to his ugly dirty ears all day and night? The geeky guy who makes you gladly give up your seat for a poor old grandma in the train when you’re sitting next to him?

Well, that guy is me.

And if you took the time to really get to know me, find out who I truly am instead of the stereotype of me because of the way I look, well…

You’d be wasting your time. Because I’m exactly who you think I am.

I’d pretty much blog about anything your great-great-grandma finds interesting.

But every time I published something on my blog, people disagreed with me. That’s when I realised I had to change. I’m just trying to be a better blogger.

My name is Wenqi.

I have a feeling no one will get the point of this post.

Bah. Changing is hard.


  1. Seriously...Im not quite sure wat this post is about...
    but this is wat I get after I read...correct me if Im wrong...
    are u tryin to say u have the rightz to blog...but ppl jus come in and commen bout different opinion which is against ur view and ur thinking...

    well all I can say is...different ppl think differently...
    u have the right to post wat u think...ur opinion...ppl can commen if they dun like...but if u dun like the thing they commen...thn jus urself....dun change for anyone...but change for urself...

  2. haha. no. i labelled it as "other owls", and usually things that drop here are pure nonsense and presented just for the fun of it.

    in this case, i've written this post by modifying lines from a show called "My Name Is Earl". the show starts like this

    "You know that kinda guy who does nothing but bad things and wonders why his life sucks?

    Why, that guy is me.

    Everytime something good happened to me, something bad is waiting around the corner.


    That's when I realised I had to change. I'm just trying to be a better person.

    My name is Earl."

    I personally mixed it with the introduction of Earl at the pilot episode.

  3. lol. now you get my idea of "pure nonsense"

  4. actually i missed a sentence. it just hit me.

    "That's when I realised I had to change. So, I made up a list of bad things I've ever done, and one by one, I'm gonna cross them off the list by making up to them. I'm just trying to be a better person."

  5. u are very bored hor?

  6. lol. it's just a piece of writing.

  7. hahaha i get this post! me likey! :D

  8. haha i knew you would =D. glad you like it


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