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Saturday, 12 July 2008

What Motivates You to Study

For a motivating story (or what I hope it is), please read "Second Chance?".

I've been wondering - what motivates you to study?

I can recall my mum years ago. Her and her empty promises.

"If you get 8As for your exam, I'll get you xxx."

"If you get at least 95% for your mathematics, you can have your yyy."

"If your average score is at least 90%, you get to choose between abc and xyz."

Yeah well, mums are good at those stuff. They promise a reward if you do well, and if you don't, they'll give you a big talk. If you do, they'll push the reward for another year. And another. And another. Until you're too old and matured to ask for anything from your mum anymore.

Or too smart to believe in those promises anymore.

I have to say, it's one of the ways to motivate children to study. I wonder what type of rewards parents promise their children nowadays? PSP? Cellphone?

Anyway, we're all young adults now, and we certainly don't rely on those to motivate us to study anymore. So, all geniuses and four-flats and scholars out there, I just want to know - what motivates you to study so hard?

Is it because girls like educated guys? (Or guys like educated girls, whatever.) I can imagine a teenager, sitting with his/her chin resting on his/her palm, staring into space... "... smart... rich... cute... just the type for me."

Or is it because you want to be rich in the future? Seriously, no matter how much money you can earn, I bet your Mercedes Benz (or BMW, whichever you prefer) will still burn petrol faster.

Or is it because you like to see the looooonnng list of 'A's in your result slip? Or if you don't see the 'A's you will go, like, "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!"?

Or maybe because you want to get a scholarship, so that you can further your studies to get another scholarship, so that you can even further your studies...?

The thing is, the end of our education is near. Motivated or not, just give yourselves the final push, graduate with flying colours, get a real nice job. And hopefully you won't look back and regret what you do.

For all STPM leavers and university newbies, like it or not, enjoy your final days studying. If you've been arranged to a lousy university or terrible course, then you'll have to change them, or change yourself.

So why are you still here reading my blog? Go sprint to the finishing line!


  1. what motivates me.. hmm..

    I believe as a student, we ought to try our best to excel in our study.. why so? There are various reasons behind it..

    for me, money is the main reason LOL.
    Good result = first class degree = higher pay LOL, or i can say that it has more weightage haha..


  2. aw common... bill gates gave up studying and he still got to be the richest man on earth for some point of his life.

    ok, i mean pointS.

    still, forget my previous post (check the title). extra knowledge always helps.


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