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Friday, 4 July 2008

Typical Boys, Typical Girls

I guess I've been hooting too much. I just don't understand the typical men anymore.

I just can't get it - why do typical boys like blasting music so much? Spend hundreds or even thousands of ringgit on speakers and woofers which consumers megaJoules of energy per hour. Then they turn the knob to the upper limit, causing all the noise to echo off the vibrating walls, tilting any hung ornaments, rippling water, dropping bits of paint...

What a nice stimulation of the recent Sichuan Earthquake.

I mean, how do they see joy in tearing their eardrums and paying all the extra electricity bills? Oh, and also fixing the paint, straightening the tilted ornaments...

I recently read from an article that the US army is actually blasting rock music at bone-crushing volume on Iraqi hostages.

Typical boys must envy them a lot. No, not the army. The hostages. Loud rock, minus the bill.

Well, I don't understand the girls too. That's not a big deal, seeing that I don't understand boys to start with. Mums should present their sons with an encyclopaedic version of "1000 Things You Need To Know About Girls" on their 18th birthdays.

Not the mums' 18th birthdays. The boys' 18th birthdays. Well, not much difference anyway, I don't remember encountering any 18-year-old mums.

Anyway, why are the girls so after fashion? I mean, they spend so much money on shoes, socks, stockings, shirts, skirts, slippers, skin, shades, specs, s...

OK, I can't find anything else that starts with the letter 's'. Anyway, there are countless girls who spend hundreds of bucks and hundreds of minutes in a salon, only to come out looking identical to their own selves before going in.

Here's a common conversation.

Girl: Hey, darling, do you notice anything different with me?
Boy: Uh, no.
Girl: Look closely!
Boy: Um, new earrings? Nice!
Girl: I got those two months ago...
Boy: Oh.
Girl: What do you think of my hair?
Boy: They look messy. You got chased by a dog just now?

Conversations like this usually end up with the girl slapping the guy, and of course, those two never speak to each other again for the rest of their lives.

I walk a lot, and own a total of two pairs of shoes and two pairs of slippers. I thought that's a lot, until I found out that some people own two closet full of shoes and another two full of slippers. And I haven't started on high heels yet.

What do they do with so many pairs of footwear? I broke one of my slippers recently, and was wondering what I should do about the pair. Throw them away? Donate them? Exhibit them? Feed them to the dogs?


  1. I think is the man nature to have attraction with girls, just like a magnet, North and South Pole. For me, is hard to find a person who can together with you for the rest of your life, the one who can take care you while you get older(your mum can't take care you for the rest of your life), the one who care bout you while you happy,sad,numb,crazy,naughthy..., the one who try make you happy everyday,the one who try give you what you want,the one who like to hear your story everyday..........I still learning anyway, can't give lot comment here, and I think everyone have their own idea and thinking, so just take it easy, God already plan everything for us, so don't be rush for it. Lolz.


  2. haha don't worry i'm not saying attraction between sex is abnormal.

  3. eh then how about attraction between same sex huh?

    Magnet gone haywire?


  4. lol that is unusual. and unfortunate haha


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