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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Healthy for 4 Years?

A lot of people fell sick these few weeks.

Unfortunately that included me. In fact, I was one of the first ones to catch the trend.

No thanks to my birthday. I was treated exactly one month ago with all sorts of mouth-watering junk food, including cookies, chocolate, chocolate cookies, and cookie chocolate. Hey, don't be sorry. I enjoyed the food. Give me more next year, will you?

Well anyway, after wheezing for over one week, mum decided that enough is enough. She dragged me all the way to the polyclinic I hadn't visited in years. I stood by the counter, wondering if my records were still kept in their cabinets. The receptionist stared at me. After some hesitation, I muttered my name to her. She went to a cabinet and, with a bit of ruffling and much to my surprise, removed a blue card and told me to wait for my turn.

Upon entering the exam room, the doctor scanned the card, and informed me that it had been four years since my last visit.

"Very good! Keep yourself healthy!"

With that, I felt a slight twinge of guilt. For the past two years, I have certainly improved my stamina considerably, however I also fell sick a number of times.

I still remember having to endure with the dizziness, headache, thirst, and a constantly full bladder my first day in KTAR. Thank goodness the fever wore away few days after that.

Then the other time, I fell sick again but visited a different clinic. In fact, I can recall skipping a one-hour-lecture because I was dizzy, and felt bad about it. I felt so guilty that skipping the class actually made me worse.

And not to mention the various appointments with my dermatologist. I have had various skin diseases, from the most common acne to the most horrible rashes, from time to time. It is not uncommon to see me scratching myself like a wild baboon.

Back to present...

"OK, you're done. Keep up the good work!"

I grinned and left the room. Few minutes later, I left with some medication which is supposed to, well, make me perfectly healthy. Again.


  1. Health is very important for us, without a healthy body, there is nothing that we can enjoy anymore,then why we still need to survive in this world? Well, for me, life is to enjoy, so better make sure you take good care of yourself yea. Nice to have a classmate like you and thanks to become my friend too.

    **Btw, Spain won.


  2. lol. thanks for the info, but i found it out from the papers. 1-0.

    i'm glad we get to meet each other too. i can't really say we're BUDDIES (i read your newest post lol) but we're in good speaking terms. =D


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