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Friday, 25 April 2008

VID: Which Whose Way After Convocation?

The past two years went by alarmingly fast.

Without warning, I'm days to finishing the last semester of my diploma. In fact, I have friends who have finished everything, and are now so free they can spend their time to read my nonsensical posts.

So, how were your diplomas, guys? Well, mine was fantastic. I managed to get my first Touch n' Go card, lost my identity card the first week of school, participated in countless debates with lecturers, created a blog, rushed assignments, and wrote lots of nonsense (both as homework and in the exam halls). Yeah, they're more nonsensical than the posts here, mind you.

Sigh... Anybody looking forward to the graduation ceremony?

Well, I happen to stumble across a, erm, performance, in search for a better word, for a university's graduation ceremony. So tune up your speakers, sharpen your ears, and enjoy the song below.

No, he's surely no Michael Jackson, but his he's way better than William Hung, I think.

Maybe we should request the same thing from our principal?

Credits to aguyin734 for uploading the fantastic video, and to Phineas Falcon for the referral.

So, whose way is it anyway?

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