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Thursday, 3 April 2008

In the Dark

I gently pushed the door open, and was frightened by the creak it emitted. I quickly entered the dark room, trying my best not to awake its occupant, who was snoring away peacefully.

I tiptoed across the room, and looked around, plans running through my head. After making a quick decision, I began attempting to locate my target. Laptop... In the drawer. I proceeded stealthily towards the table...


I froze, not even daring to breathe. I had just stepped on a plastic bag, previously lying crumpled on the floor, invisible in the dark. I turned my head, observing the silhouette of the figure lying on the bed, which twitched for a moment, but went still after that.

I let off a silent sigh of relief, and carefully removed my leg from the booby-trap.

I reached the drawer. Just inches away from all the information i needed!

Rats. The drawer was locked. I glanced around. Hitting the lock would be too noisy, so would it be if i tried to move the table. I needed something like...

A key. There was a bunch of keys on the bed beside the table. I picked it up as slowly as possible, trying my best not to betray any jinggling. I felt for the smallest key, and stuck it inside the lock. I tried to turn it, but it was stiff. I tried harder, sweat forming on my forehead. Come on...

Then the lights flickered on. There he was, the first occupant of the room, woken up, tousled hair, staring at me with a stern expression, hands folded, towering over me.

I raised both of my hands timidly, the keys left dangling on the lock.

A few seconds' pause, during which i shivered a lot, and his faced turned bright red with anger.

"P-p-please, I just..."

"For the last time, do not make any noise when i'm sleeping!"

"l-I know. I just need my computer."

He stared at me for a few seconds as i cowered. Then he went back to bed, breathing like an angry bull, muttering "how unfortunate to have you as my roommate."

"Sorry," was all i managed to mutter.

"And mind you to turn off the lights after you've finished, noob burglar."


  1. omg! nel is ur room-mate!

    actually i tot u were trying to get ur lappy frm ur parents' room cos ur mom got pissed off with u gamin or sth =p

  2. actually, i twisted the truth a bit. my roommate doesn't mind me making a bit of noise, but i wake up at the slightest hiss. so he pisses me off if he wakes up early in the morning (since he doesn't care about noise when he sleeps, he makes all the noise in the mornings) while i do everything as quietly as possible (like a thief, yeah) when i rush my assignments late into the night.


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