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Saturday, 8 March 2008

That Kind of Results... Again

My results for last semester's exams came out this week. That was shockingly soon, seeing that we finished exam right before the holidays and this week is the first week of school after the holidays.

Whenever I go, I people were asking me what kind of results I got. To avoid answering this question, I purposely pushed my act of checking the results to after school. I was quite sure that I did terribly for at least two subjects. I was so sure about it that I even made bets with two friends of mine!

7pm arrived. I lugged my notebook computer, moving towards the library. Each step closer to my results was accompanied by a stronger beat from my heart.

Here's the big time. I typed in my username and password, took a deep breath, and prepared to face the music.

And ping! Out came my results.

I looked at the B+ for my English results. What the nonsense... Half of the lecturers of KTAR can't speak English fluently and they're still hesitating to give an 'A' to anybody in my course. Nobody among the 100 of us got 'A' for English this semester. We've only got 2 'A-'s I think.

And rats... I lost my bet. What were they doing? I was supposed to get two 'A-'s for my other two subjects! I got whole question wrong! Why is it so easy to get A for the other subjects but not language?

Ah well, I'm not complaining. I'm not having any language subjects this semester.

Happy last semester too all my classmates!

And oh, if you want to challenge TARC's *ahem* standard of English, try visiting the Open Day, which starts from 9th of March to 23rd of March. Best of luck to you.


  1. heh congratulations

  2. Heh... thanks. your results tomorrow. Nervous?

    Good luck XD


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