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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Sie: My Head is No Longer Naked

My desktop at home is somewhat pathetic. It couldn't even handle a simple game like Maplestory well. During the holidays, when I have my notebook computer at home, I prefer to work using my notebook, which I am more used to, and more snappy than the desktop.

However, I was quite involved in toying around with certain unexplored areas of my computer (read: Linux) that I didn't spare much time for gaming. It was one day before the start of the school that I decided to go for a Zakum run. If not, my notebook will be back to school and I would have to make do with my desktop.

I was ordered by the Zakum sessions' organiser to prepare two sessions' worth of potions. I flew all the way to Leafre and stocked up on 1.2k Mushroom Miso Ramen, along with some 500 Power Elixirs and 200 Elixirs I had with my stores.

The fight started at about 12.45pm. My guildmates were fantastic. So fantastic that their wide array of skills was making my notebook kind of laggy. With one particularly strong blast of Genesis from my guild's top Bishop, my screen hung for two seconds. When it flickered back, I was dead.

I was thankful that fourth job was available. The bishop resurrected me in no time, and I resumed the battle.

In 1.40pm, it was clear that I overloaded myself with potions. I used less than 300 that fight. When the last hit was made, Zakum went dead, and everything went silent. Not because the players weren't hitting anymore, but because its death froze my screen again. When the screen came back, the floor was clean of everything.

I sat upright, walking around, and spotted two helmets. I was so nervous that I only managed to grab one after three tries.

That fight, three guild members were helmed.

I went to the second session. But not long into the fight, Tenaga Nasional decided to reset the power for a fraction of a second. It's ok - I never remove my battery from my notebook. However, my DSL modem wasn't backed by a battery.

Dang it.

Anyway, thanks to kelly33, crazycute, xwinglingx, and everyone from BloodAngelz for my Zakum Helmet (1).


  1. time to buy the maple party hat

  2. that's not quite necessary, i think. firstly, i'm running outta cash, both in maple and real life XD. second, i rarely wear it. only during training. normally i prefer my brown pilfer. thirdly, my training grounds are quite well hidden from public eyes. fourth, people I party usually don't find zakum helmet that wowing.

    so forget the party hat.


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