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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Thank You for the Years

Five years of tertiery education. 12 semesters. More assignments, courseworks, presentations and exams than I want to remember.

Farewell 1

All we've been through, we've been through together.

The ridiculous, no-you-can't-get-more-than-70% modules.

The karaoke sessions and the after exam parties.

Q and A sessions with insatiable lecturers.

The group study sessions which helped prepared us so much for the exams.

Farewell 3

It's been a good few years. I sincerely thank everyone from the University, including my friends and lecturers, many of which I do not have photos of, for making these years unforgettable.

Thank you, Sir!
My FYP supervisor and a few of his FYP students.

June has been my favourite month of the year since a few years ago. It marks the end of the tedious exam weeks and the long academic years as well as the beginning of the awesome three-month summer break. There's also the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, usually at the end of May or beginning of June, when I get to eat Chinese dumplings. The very second day of the month also happens to be my birthday.

But nothing beats June 2011. All the best to your future.

Farewell 2


  1. Congrats on your completion of studies, as of now.. haha

    Thought of your next step yet?

  2. Currently at home, er, "enriching my portfolio" haha.

    well on a more serious tone, i'm undertaking some personal web projects at the mo. i'll gauge my progress these few weeks and i'll look for a job some time in july.

    and also i have to handle the pic workshop. stupid chia loon got me tangled into this...

  3. hahaha, are those workshops still on? how long would u be in it?

    ah ok, at least you got something to do while waiting to get a job, some people simply just rot at home

    looking for some web related jobs i suppose? judging from your recent growth of interest in web stuffs haha

  4. that workshop is just for a day, but there'll be preparations, etc. you know, coincidentally, it falls on chia loon's 24th bday XD

    i will try to get a web-related job, though i don't think i'll mind getting engineering either. i have a tendency not to choose to pursue my absolute favourite fields though, most notably music. don't want all the complications, expectations and stress to ruin hobbies XD

  5. oh.. a 1 day workshop eh? cools.. but yea, preparation D:

    haha yea i understand what u mean by not wanting to kill and ruin hobbies with expectations and stress haha..

    now i have second thoughts about web programming tho it havent reach a point to kill me of entirely haha

  6. yeah see? and you've only been working on your stuff for a few weeks... imagine 20 whole years of that.

  7. haha yea, anyways, good luck with all the upcoming journey of life :D


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