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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sights of Malaysia: Petronas Twin Towers

I've been to the Twin Towers countless times before. And I had my camera with me on many occasions. And I shot quite some pictures over several of them. However, I never got any presentable photos.

Until now.

Petronas Twin Towers over KLCC Suria
Took quite a few tries to get this, and the end result still isn't nearly as good as it seemed in my head. Stitched panorama of 3 individual images, resulting in a 24MP image.

Petronas Twin Towers Main Entrance
Getting this photo was challenging, mainly because so freaking many people were trying to catch something from the same angle. Stitched panorama of 3 horizontal images. The stitcher churned out a .TIF file 37MP in resolution and over 140MB in size! And no, this is not a tone-mapped image.

Mind you, I'm still not particularly satisfied. May be visiting KLCC with my camera again soon.

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