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Friday, 8 January 2010

Cmc: I Want Say Pikachu!!!

I know I said the next post would be mid-January, but a little bird flew by and dropped me a sheet of comic earlier today.

It came with a note.
"Sorry for the bad drawing of the babies (yes they're babies not boxers, drawn in like 10 minutes) but I would appreciate it if you put it up to your blog -- I'm sure your readers will like it."

Cmc: I Want Say Pikachu!!!
[HiRes] High-resolution version available by clicking on the image.

Those baby bickers sure remind me of something... And oh boy, aren't those babies just plain evil!!!

Thanks to whoever sent me this!!!


  1. those arent boxers? xD

    sure looks like one.. one of them reminds me of 8TV haha

  2. aiya pardon the bad drawing la, whoever drew that haha.

  3. anyway isn't it barbaric... hacking into sites and attacking churches just bcoz of a simple issue...

  4. i stil can recognise ur handwriting.. haha..

  5. ttw:

    dammit. i knew i should've typed the dialogue. lol

  6. @owl, well, the issue isn't that simple.. but yea, whoever who did it surely overdid it.. :|

  7. Nice drawing. keep blogging and thansk for sharing.

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