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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Top Questions to Ask A Graduating Student

Seriously, so many people have been asking me the same questions over and over again, I swear it would be easier if I just recorded my answers, put them on Youtube and advertise them on the local newspapers or something.

1. Are you going to work straight away?

No, not until at least September 2011. I have a few personal projects I need to work on to enhance my portfolio over the coming summer.

I may be getting a lighter job, though. Something that doesn't justify my hard-earned degree nor be so tiring I wouldn't call the coming summer a holiday.

2. Are you going to travel?

I love photography and I wouldn't say no to a chance to travel. However, I'm not making plans at the moment. I probably can't afford to do much travelling anyway.

I may spend a few odd weekends at tourist hotspots in Peninsula Malaysia though, like Penang and Malacca.

3. Where will you want to work? Have you got an offer letter yet?

No offer letter. Didn't even bother trying to look for a job yet. Right now my main priority is to graduate. Where I want to work and what I want to work as can come after that. Full stop.

4. Do you think you chose the right course to study?

Well, engineering turned out quite OK. There are other fields I'm more interested in, but I don't mind getting an engineering job. I don't think I'll do things differently if I were given a second chance.

5. Are you going to miss school?

Well, uh, yeah I guess.

I enjoyed attending classes with friends, how I get money to spend every week without having to earn any, having cheap lunches at the nearby village and especially jogging by the school lake. I'm glad I've gotten rid of my final year project once and for all, though. And if you don't stop asking me these silly questions, I think I'll be glad I don't have to see you after May.

OK what else do you want to know? How long will it take for me to get a beer belly? I think I'm getting one right now. When will you get a wedding invitation from me? Well, never, not because I'm not getting married, but I don't think I'll want you to attend it. When will I become the next Mark Zuckerberg/Bill Gates/Larry Page? I already have -- in my dreams.

Wishing all graduating students the best of luck in their future endeavours.


  1. I'll be sure to ask the next graduate I speak to whether (s)he likes pigs or something.

  2. well said bro! you sounded my voice too ><

  3. JP: lol glad i could help haha

  4. If you really do come to Penang, do give me a call!!! Hahaha, bring you to many places lol. Anyway, you don't have to be Larry Page/Bill Gates/Mark Zuckerberg, just be YEO WENQI, the man who reinvented the Internet and revolutionised the way humans live their lives LOL!


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